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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Andy Goldworthy: "Rivers and Tides"

Over a long period of time I have occasionally sat with a Zen sangha in the town that has been my home for twenty-eight years. Over nearly the same number of years sitting, the group has become progressively more connected to one another via the Internet_ sighing, I call this contradiction, spirit in the technological age.
What I am grateful for today, is the arrival of a newsletter item announcing the sangha's showing of a documentary film on the ephemeral nature-centered artwork as created by the artist, Andy Goldworthy.
I add here the clips of this documentary as found on 'YouTube,' in order to share and talk about what many artists do_ particularly the artist writing this blog. In each one's unique way, to utilize all media around an artist to create a person's whole life, is tantamount to one's engagement with reality however that may be possible. One small example, is how I use the Internet to share my current life-transition in a 'web of blogs' of my own organic design as a bridge for now, to what my life as spirit, female, artist, single-mother, etc., is to become after child-rearing!
For my part, there have been years of preparation, thinking and seeing in holistic models, ways of being, experiencing and expressing what constitutes a healthy life for me as individual. Now, I embark on how I might effectively express as artist out in the world in order to hold up examples as it were, of what a healthy lifestyle might 'look' like. My preparations have been laterally-centered, anticipating what material, social, and financial navigation of the forces of change and resistance we all are currently living in. My web-building/networking skills to other people, are still taking on connection and clarity after many years living in specifically-focused social isolation!
Watch the clips on the artwork created by this artist, and listen to the timbre of his voice as he speaks in the present moment, what living/creating now is for him.
My impressions of his working process are that they are rich with what reality can be when one chooses to wake up, see and understand the true nature of self_ then, consciously live one's own life moment to moment!

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