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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hiberation Responses, i.e.; Job Hunting in A Chilly Economy

Let this be a winter of creative resourcefulness. The down-turned economy is a good opportunity to move away from the corporate paradigm, into work that holds meaning and emphasizes craft. Ways of using the brain, the eyes and the hands that feels better, more intelligent_ natural.
Like a monk practicing sitting meditation, the most radical ways to continue to wear away at the ownership by the elites moving one's inner life toward conscious freedom, is to quietly do what brings each one true "Happyness!"

I am an artist, and I have always approached the world of work laterally; cultivating work skills by taking on new areas of employment that also fuel my art interests. After three decades, I have a skills-rich résumé that reveals a plethora of discipline, thus providing me multi-directional opportunity in the market-place. I can use this hand-built foundation fluidly, depending on what is going on in the marketplace. Course, I have a solid center to my varied expertise: that of a visual artist. Meaning, I keep focused on how any job opportunity may feed my artistic skills, as I venture out into the big world of employment-search "buffets." All employment is much more choice-centered!

Health-wise, to there more successfully this winter, I am yearning for more soaking time! Today, I am posting about making one's own bath salts and enjoying what this blogger has to say, about making various possible "job-hunting relief" recipes.

Here's to more healthfully steaming out, all those job hunting aches and pains, as we move forward into a new year, a new administration in Washington and renewed changes-for-the better for-all, in this country... ah-h-h-h-h.

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