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Friday, July 31, 2009

Life in Transition

Wow! Some amazing resources to venture out into the world of adventure are crossing my field of attention these days; dreams of experiences that I had put a hold on many years ago_ as those I want to try in my lifetime! The personal whys and wherefores may get posted online, but most likely I will just journal all that privately over time until I accomplish them one by one.

Meanwhile to get the juices flowing, in this post I am making a list of the women-centered businesses doing those adventures I particularly like, as their work_ women entrepreneur/adventurers who are sharing their passions with everyone else in some pretty wonderful ways! Check it out: Women-centered Sailing, families, couples, singles, as well as, mother-daughter, father-son combos are all also possible!

Feel the freedom of flying in your own body through hang gliding! I think these schools are found nation-wide. There are even world-wide championship competitions for this sport/activity, so I am certain there is a hang gliding organization near you!

Then there is the ultimate (which one isn't?!) adventure, for me: Mount Everest! But right now I think, will I ever make it? Must keep trying to accomplish the small internal goals for a little while longer...

Even so, while dreaming about the possibilities, I stumbled upon this site while googling for other resources for women primarily. It is a good link to a ton of outdoor opportunities all over the world!

I think that covers it, right? Land, sea and air!!!

Persevere like hell, has been my motto through life so far; particularly now, at what is traditionally referred to as mid-life, I must keep going!!

Good luck in all your adventures while you live each moment alive and awake, the biggest adventure of which_ is life herself!

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