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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Veritable Vegetable

The cultural roots to which I refer in creating a variety-centered cuisine, come from influences having grown up living world-wide. Even so, my commitment to healthy foods no matter the cultural influence on the cuisine, remains consistent. For me, its organic all the way. This is just common-sense choice-making where choosing foods, and taking care of one's health in a nutritionally-centered approach is concerned. From the time I was very young, remembering rural neighbors and even our very own gardener tend to the gardens where we lived, it has always seemed very obvious. The less one puts into the soil that isn't already naturally there, the more alive one's foods taste! In fact, it was very common to hear one of the local community members identify the town where a baguette had been baked because the tastes of the soil were obvious in the grain used to make that bread!

Now as an adult in this country, when I find a company whose business practices go beyond alternative practices standards to include values close to my own heart, they are going to get my attention and more than likely, my business! That is Veritable Vegetable. Now that I know about them, and if I cannot find a local connection to them and their products then, their model will frame my more informed choices as I seek local businesses that I can access that practice standards of food quality, growing practices and employee care/empowerment, in like-manner!

Folks, the U.S. economy is in breakdown mode and this is actually very cool! It means everyone can let go of illusion once and for all, and return to simple steps that contribute to new breakthroughs. Breakthroughs for which we all on a soul-level, are really ready!

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