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Friday, June 13, 2008

A New Design Assignment & The New Aesthetics

EPEA Vision

The Cradle to Cradle Principles:

1) Waste equals food
2) Use current solar income
3) Celebrate diversity

Cradle to Cradle Vision

Imagine a world where human industry operates exactly like a blossoming cherry tree: Every factory, every building and every product is as giving as a cherry tree with its flowers.

Imagine a world where our buildings are like trees: They cover their energy needs by harvesting solar power, produce food and oxygen, create habitat for other species and change with the seasons.

Imagine a world without pollution and waste: Products are made from materials that are beneficial for humans and their surroundings.

Imagine a world where humans can be glad that their actions benefit those around them and the constraints to reduce, minimize, and decrease according to the current "Cradle to Grave" paradigm are a distant memory.

This is the world that Cradle to Cradle offers. And it is a matter of design that starts with the intention to apply conventions found in Nature:

* Waste equals food
* Use current solar income, and
* Celebrate diversity

Forget reactionary doubts like: That's too expensive. That's idealistic. That would never happen. Because it is happening as these examples show:

* Product cases

* Service cases

***Between my love for healthy, organically grown food and all things aesthetically conscientiously made_ ever since I listened to the Monticello Dialogues on New Dimensions Radio, I have been completely won over by what Bill McDonough and Michael Braungart are up to!

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